IT2353 Web Technology Important Questions IT2353 WT Expected Questions

IT2353 Web Technology Important Questions IT2353 WT Expected Questions - CSE and IT 6th Sem

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Subject Code : IT2353
Subject Name : Web Technology

Unit 1

Part – A
1. Differentiate Internet with Intranet.
2. What are HTML tags?
3. Write a script that inputs text from an HTML form and outputs the text in uppercase letters.
4. What is the purpose of a MIME?
5. What is the purpose of IMAP & MIME protocol?
6. What are the features of JavaScript?

Part – B 

1. Write Short notes on Various Protocols.

2. Create a HTML document that includes 2 rows of frames with 2 frames in each row. The two left frames must occupy 25% of the width of the display. The bottom 2 frames must occupy 40% of the height of the display. The top left frame must display the name of your mother and all of her siblings (min2). The bottom left frame must display the name of your father and all of his siblings (min2). Each name in the left frames must be a link to a document that is displayed in the right frame when the link is selected. The documents in the right frames are short descriptions of the people.

3. Create a HTML form for taking sales orders for popcorn. Three text boxes are used at the top of the form to collect the buyers name and address. These are placed in a borderless table to force the text boxes to align vertically. A second table is used to collect the actual order. Each row of this table names a product with the content, displays the price and uses a text box with size set to 2 to collect the quantity ordered. The payment method is input by the user through one of the four radio buttons. You must have event handlers for the form elements that collect this information that check the input data for correctness. Messages in alert windows must be produced when error are detected.

4. Create on-line recruitment form of an ABC Company and perform validation, Using JavaScript.Name, DOB (list), Phone No, Sex(radio), Address, E-mail, Highest Qualification, Branch, Percentage of marks. Validations: If Highest qualification B.E / B.Tech CSE/IT and percentage of marks is above 75 % then display Mr./Ms (name), the information provided by you has been registered with us. Else display Mr./Ms (name), the information provided by you is not registered. P.Kumar, Rajalakshmi Engineering College 1

5. Add two elements that users can click. Use the abc.gif image file as the first element. When the user clicks the image, display an alert dialog box with the text “you clicked the image.” For the second element, create a one-row table containing a text string. Set the table border to one. When the user clicks the table element, display an alert dialog box containing “you clicked the table”.

6. Consider a web based voting system. Create a HTML page to list all constituencies available in a given city. Selection of a constituency needs to display the details of party name, candidate name and a radio button contesting in that constituency. Allow the voter to vote for a specific candidate by choosing the radio button.

7. Develop a JavaScript program that will determine whether a department-store customer has exceeded the credit limit on a charge account. For each customer, the following facts are available: Account number, Balance at the beginning of the month, Total of all items charged by this customer this month, Total of all credits applied to this customer's account this month and Allowed credit limit. The program should input each of these facts from prompt dialogs as integers, calculate the new balance (= beginning balance + charges – credits), display the new balance and determine whether the new balance exceeds the customer's credit limit. For customers whose credit limit is exceeded, the program should output HTML text that displays the message “Credit limit exceeded.”

8. An integer is said to be prime if it is divisible by only 1 and itself. For example, 2, 3, 5 and 7 are prime, but 4, 6, 8 and 9 are not. Write a function that determines whether a number is prime. Use this function in a script that determines and prints all the prime numbers between 1 and 10,000. Display the results in a .

Unit – 2

Part – A

1. Develop a DHTML page to change the background color using mouse over event on three circles containing different colors?

2. What is the important feature of dynamic positioning?
3. Define data binding with its types?
4. List the possible opacity attributes of the alpha filter?
5. What are filters and transitions?
6. Define object referencing.
7. What is a dynamic style?
8. What is the use of all and children in DHTML?
9. What are event bubblers?

Part – B

1. Demonstrate a simple use of data binding with the tabular data control to update the contents of a span element with a program.
2. Create a web page that applies the invert filter to an image if the user moves the mouse over it.
3. Explain the properties of the event object.
4. Write a DHTML to change the background color of a button, mouse over three colored table cells and the background color will change.
5. Create a web page which applies the glow filter to a hyperlink if the user moves the mouse over the link.
6. Write a DHTML to dynamically insert the mask filter in an image. Use mouse over on the image.
7. Write a DHTML to expose the concept of binding of an image and table.
8. Write a DHTML to change the background image if the user moves the mouse over it.
9. Write a DHTML to shake the window of a button click. Make use of 2 buttons one button used to start the shaking and another button used to stop the shaking of window.
10. Explain briefly about Filters in detail with examples. 11. Explain about DHTML object model.

Unit – 3

Part- A

1. List the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce system.
2. Explain the term B2B, B2C, B2B, C2B.
3. List the commonly used video file formats.
4. How will you add background sounds and video to your web page?
5. Compare the various control structures of JavaScript and VBScript.
6. Differentiate client side script and server side script.

Part- B

7. Explain the various E-Business models in detail.
8. Explain in detail about the following servers with its flow of processing in authentication module in an application. i) IIS ii) Apache
9. Describe the system architecture of a multi-tier application.
10. Discuss about online payment and security in detail
11. Create a script that repeatedly flashes an image on the screen. Do this by changing the visibility of the image. Allow users to control the blink speed.
12. How will you add audio and video in a web page?

Unit – 4

Part – A

1. What is meant by Cookie? How will you create it using ASP?
2. List the various methods in File System object?
3. Define ASP? List its advantages.
4. What is meant by Session?
5. What is XSL and why it is used?
6. What is XML? How is it different from HTML?
7. What is DTD?
8. Differentiate between DTD and XML Schema.
9. What is the purpose of Namespaces?
10. Define Server side includes.

Part - B

11. Explain the various ASP objects with examples.
12. Develop an ASP application for a questionnaire, which has minimum of Eight questions. The questions and answers will be stored in a database. The questions will be posted to the client one in a page and collect the answer from the client. Evaluate the answers and inform the result score to the client in the final page.
13. Write an ASP code to display the visitor’s information by using HTML forms.
14. List out the key objects of ASP and highlight the features of their properties, methods and events.
15. Develop an ASP to display a different image each time a user visits a page.
16. Develop an ASP to find the type, capabilities and version of each browser that visits your site.
17. Create a XML document to store voter ID, voter name, address and date of birth details. Create a DTD to validate the document.
18. Explain how XML parser works? Write a XML document for displaying your contact details (address, e-mail, mobile no, etc)?
19. Explain in detail the various methods of DOM.
20. Explain how XML parser works?

Unit – 5

Part – A

1. What are the types of directives in JSP?
2. List the advantages of servlet over JSP.
3. How does JSP work?
4. What is the difference between a generic servlet and a http servlet?
5. What is a Servlet lifecycle?
6. List the four key components of JSP?
7. List the JSP implicit objects?
8. What is the purpose of plug-in?

Part – B
9. Describe the servlet architecture and the various interfaces invoked by the servlet container.
10. Write a servlet program that handles HTTP get request containing data that is supplied by the user as part of the request.
11. Develop a servlet to display a different content each time a user visits a page.
12. Explain how cookies are created and sessions are tracked by Servlet in detail with suitable example.
13. Create an address book servlet that allows the user to register for several mailing lists. The address book contains name, Address1, Address2, City, State. When name is given, it return an HTML page with all the information.
14. Write a JSP to demonstrate the usage of page and include directives.
15. Develop a JSP page to display a different image each time a user visits a page and the images are links.
16. Develop a JSP to find the type, capabilities and version of each browser that visits your site.
17. What does JSP scripting component include? Explain with a program.
18. Describe JSP Actions.

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