Which is best Revaluation Or Reval with Photocopy Anna University

Anna University Revaluation Or Reval with Photocopy

Anna University revaluation form started issuing, if students got less mark or grade he/she apply for revaluation. 

What is Revaluation ?

Everyone does mistake, if teacher(evaluator) done mistake in evaluating your paper you get less marks. The possible things are giving no marks for correct answer, forget to correct a question, Forgetting to enter mark, less mark for good answer, etc. 
So you can appeal that your paper has eligibility to score more marks than they provided. If you have confidence that you can get more mark than results published. You can apply for Revaluation. 

You have 2 choices Revaluation and Reval Cum Photocopy. 

Which is best ?

There is no guarantee they will pass you. You get mark only if paper has content. 
If any question is not corrected, marked as wrong or less mark given for good answer, revaluation is enough.

When to go for Revaluation Cum Photo Copy ?

If following any 3 conditions satisfied you can apply for Revaluation with Photocopy:
  1. First time arrears
  2. Arrears in only one paper or two
  3. Necessary to pass this time itself
  4. Doubt about revaluation Results
  5. If failed in Revaluation, May apply for Review
If you apply for Photocopy they will correct with utmost care because you get the corrected paper so you can apply for Review again.

CHeck this Example: Revaluation Paper Photocopy

Revaluation Fees

Only Revaluation = 400
Revaluation with photocopy = 700
Review after Revaluation Result = 3000 ( Cash back if secured 5 marks more than previous mark)

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