MC9231 Computer Networks Syllabus for MCA 3rd sem - Anna University

MC9231 Computer Networks Syllabus for MCA 3rd sem - Anna University

MC9231                                 COMPUTER NETWORKS                                       LT P C
3 0 0 3

UNIT I             INTRODUCTION                                                                                       9
Communication model – Data communications networking Data transmission concepts and terminology Transmission media Data encoding Data link control.

UNIT II            NETWORK FUNDAMENTALS                                                                 9
Protocol architecture Protocols OSI TCP/IP LAN architecture Topologies MAC – Ethernet, Fast ethernet, Token ring, FDDI, Wireless LANS Bridges.

UNIT III           NETWORK LAYER                                                                                   9
Network layer – Switching concepts Circuit switching networks Packet switching Routing Congestion control – X.25 Internetworking concepts and X.25 architectural models IP Unreliable connectionless delivery Datagrams Routing IP datagrams ICMP.

UNIT IV          TRANSPORT LAYER                                                                               9
Transport layer Reliable delivery service – Congestion control Connection establishment Flow control Transmission control protocol – User datagram protocol.

UNIT V           APPLICATIONS                                                                                        9
Applications Sessions and presentation aspects DNS, Telnet rlogin, FTP SMTP WWW Security SNMP.

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