CS2041 - C# AND .NET FRAMEWORK - Anna University Nov/Dec 2007 question Paper for CSE 7th sem...

CS2041 - C# AND .NET FRAMEWORK - Anna University Nov/Dec 2007 question Paper for CSE 7th sem...

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Seventh Semester
Computer Science and Engineering
 (Regulation 2004)
Time :Three hours                                                               Maximum:100 Marks.

Answer ALL questions
PART A-(10*2=20)

1. Differentiate value type and reference type.
2. Is it possible to have two Main() in a C# code? If so, how is it resolved?
3. What is the use of static constructor in C#?
4. What is the use of ‘new’ in inheritance?
5. List out the different types of applications that can be created on .NET.
6. What are the advantages in using a dataset?
7. What are the uses of server side controls?
8. List out the server side state management options supported by ASP.NET.
9. What are assemblies?
10. What is the difference between SingleCall and Singleton?

PART-B(5*16=80 MARKS)
11 (a) (i) List out the various value and reference types supported in C#.[8]
          (ii)What is a jagged array? Explain its use with simple example. [8]
(b) (i) Explain the execution model of the .NET framework[6]
     (ii) Describe the components of the .NET framework and explain the features      
           of each component.[10]

12(a) (i)List out the exception handling statements supported in C# and explain             
              with an example. [8]
         (ii) What is the use of ‘is’ operator in interfaces? Explain. [8]
(b)(i) Consider a class distance which stores a distance value using kilometer and   
         meter. Overload the +operator to add two distance objects.
     (ii) What is a delegate? Explain with an example. [8]

13(a)(i) List out the categories of controls supported in window based application   
             and explain the importance of each. [8]
         (ii) Explain the process of creating a window based calculator with your
               own UI. [8]
(b)(i)Compare the architecture of ADO with ADO.NET. [8]
     (ii) Write a database application to display the details of student table details in   
            a datagrid control. [8]

14.(a) (i) Compare ASP with ASP.NET.[8]
          (ii) Write a web based application to implement a ticket status checking  
(b) Explain the web service architecture. What are the steps involved in the   
      creation and consumption of web services. Explain with an example.[16]

15 (a)(i) Explain the features of CLR.[8]
         (ii) What is reflection? Explain its use with an example.[8]
(b) What is remoting? Explain the steps involved in the process of creating   
      remoting application[16]

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