Anna University Answer Key - How the paper will be corrected?-Question papers with answers-Paper valuation

Anna University Answer Key - How the paper will be corrected?-Question papers with answers -Paper valuation-Allocation of marks

How the paper valuation is done?

After the exams the numbers will be hidden and the papers will be sent other zones for correction. Staffs working in the colleges under Anna University will be valuating the paper. Anna University prepares the answer key for the question paper. It will be given to the staffs during the paper valuation.
Paper valuation will be done in colleges chosen by Anna University. Staffs will be called for the valuation. Correction will be done only based on the answer key. 

How the Answer Key will be ?

Answer key will not have complete answer. It will have only important key points. So, students can score even if they small but only the key points. There is no need to write pages and pages for a question. We have uploaded a sample answer Key. Have a look at it and get a idea.



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