MC9293 COMPILER DESIGN Syllabus for 5th Sem MCA - Fifth semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

MC9293                                  COMPILER DESIGN                                               LT P C
3 0 0 3

UNIT I             LEXICAL ANALYSIS                                                                                9
Compilers Analysis of Source Program - Phases of Compiler Compiler Construction Tools Role of a Lexical Analyzer Specification and Recognition of Tokens Finite Automata Regular Expression to Finite Automation.

UNIT II            SYNTAX ANALYSIS                                                                                 9
Role of a Parser Context Free Grammars Top-Down Parsing Bottom-Up Parsing LEX and YACC.

UNIT III           INTERMEDIATE CODE GENERATION                                                   9
Intermediate Languages Declaration Assignment Statements Boolean Expressions
Flow Control Statements Back Patching.

UNIT IV          CODE OPTIMIZATION                                                                             9
Introduction to Code Optimization Principal Sources of Optimization Basic Blocks and Flow Graphs Optimization of Basic Blocks Code Improving Transformations.

UNIT V           CODE GENERATION                                                                               9
Issues in the Design of a Code Generator – Run-Time Storage Management – Next Use Information A Simple Code Generator DAG Representation of Basic Blocks Peephole Optimization Code Generation from DAG.
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