MC9282 MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS Syllabus for 5th Sem MCA - Fifth semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

MC9282 MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS Syllabus for 5th Sem MCA - Fifth semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

MC9282                                 MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS                                  LT P C
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UNIT I             INTRODUCTION TO MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS                                9
Managerial Economics meaning, nature and scope Managerial Economics and business decision making Role of Managerial Economist Fundamental concepts of Managerial  Economics.  Demand  Analysis   meaning,  determinants  and  types  of demand – Elasticity of demand Demand function Demand curve Estimation of the Demand Function.

UNIT II            SUPPLY, PRODUCTION AND COST ANALYSIS                                   9
Supply – meaning and determinants Supply Function-Meaning of production Production analysis: long run and short run production functions Isoquants - Expansion path Cobb-Douglas function. Cost concepts cost output relationship: long run and short run Economies and diseconomies of scale cost functions estimation of cost function.

Market structure – Perfect Competition Monopoly Monopolistic Competition – Oligopoly - characteristics Pricing of Goods and Services- Pricing and output decisions
Price Discrimination Price Determinants – Profit Maximization and free pricing- methods of pricing differential pricing Government intervention and pricing.

UNIT IV          PROFIT AND INVESTMENT ANALYSIS                                                 9
Profit  - Meaning and nature Profit policies – profit planning and forecasting Cost volume profit analysis Investment analysis Meaning and Significance Time Value of money cash flow and measures of investment worth payback period criterion average rate of return criterion net present value criterion – internal rate of return criterion profitability index criterion.

UNIT V           MACROECONOMIC ISSUE                                                                      9
National Income concepts determination o national income - Business cycle Inflation and Deflation types of inflation causes of inflation- Balance of payments account- assessing the balance of payments figures Monetary and Fiscal Policies attitudes towards monetary policy problems of monetary policies nature of fiscal policy- effectiveness of fiscal policy.

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