MC9252 SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Syllabus for 5th Sem MCA - Fifth semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

MC9252 SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Syllabus for 5th Sem MCA - Fifth semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

MC9252                      SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT                            L T P C
3  0 0 3

Project Definition Contract Management Activities Covered By Software Project
Management Overview Of Project Planning Stepwise Project Planning.

UNIT II            PROJECT EVALUATION                                                                          9
Strategic Assessment Technical Assessment Cost Benefit Analysis Cash Flow
Forecasting Cost Benefit Evaluation Techniques Risk Evaluation.

UNIT III           ACTIVITY PLANNING                                                                              9
Objectives – Project Schedule Sequencing And Scheduling Activities – Network Planning Models Forward Pass Backward Pass Activity Float – Shortening Project Duration Activity On Arrow Networks Risk Management Nature Of Risk Types Of Risk Managing Risk Hazard Identification Hazard Analysis Risk Planning And Control.

UNIT IV          MONITORING AND CONTROL                                                                9
Creating Framework – Collecting The Data Visualizing Progress Cost Monitoring Earned Value Prioritizing Monitoring Getting Project Back To Target Change Control – Managing Contracts Introduction Types Of Contract Stages In Contract Placement Typical Terms Of A Contract Contract Management Acceptance.

UNIT V           MANAGING PEOPLE AND ORGANIZING TEAMS                                 9
Introduction Understanding Behavior Organizational Behaviour: A Background Selecting The Right Person For The Job Instruction In The Best Methods Motivation
The OldmanHackman Job Characteristics Model Working In Groups Becoming A Team Decision Making Leadership Organizational Structures Stress Health And Safety Case Studies.



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