MC9238 WEB PROGRAMMING LAB Syllabus for 3rd Sem MCA - Third semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

MC9238                                  WEB PROGRAMMING LAB                                  L T P C
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1.  Studying internet connection procedures
2.  Sending and receiving mails from one or more email clients
3.  Video Conferencing demonstration
4.  Downloading and installing softwares (Example: Java) and setting up path and class path
5.  Using FTP
6.  Creation of web site with forms, frames, links, tables etc with any web page editors and using images and audio files as part of web pages
7.  Writing Java programs by making use of class, interface, package, etc for the
(a) Different types of inheritance study
(b) Uses of this’ keyword
(c) Polymorphism
(d) Creation of user specific packages (e) Creation of jar files and using them (f)  User specific exception handling
8.  Writing  window  based  GUI  applications  using  frames  and  applets  such  as
Calculator application, Fahrenheit to Centigrade conversion etc
9.  Application of threads examples
10. Reading and writing text files
11. Reading  image  files  and  manipulating  them  with  image  related  classes  and methods
12. writing an RMI application to access a remote method
13. Writing a Servlet program with database connectivity for a web based application such as students result status checking, PNR number enquiry etc
14. Creation and usage of Java bean
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