MC9214 DATA STRUCTURES Syllabus for 1st Sem MCA - First semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

MC9214 DATA STRUCTURES Syllabus for 1st Sem MCA - First semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

MC9214                                             DATA STRUCTURES                                 L T P C
3 1 0 4

UNIT I             DATA STRUCTURES                                                                               9
Introduction   Arrays  –  Structures  –  Stack:  Definition  and  examples,  Representing Stacks - Queues and lists: Queue and its Representation, lists Applications of Stack, Queue and Linked Lists.

UNIT II            TREES                                                                                                      9
Binary Trees Operations on binary trees - Binary Tree Representations node representation, internal and external nodes,  implicit array representation Binary tree Traversals - Huffman Algorithm Representing Lists as Binary Trees

UNIT III           SORTING AND SEARCHING                                                                   9
General Background Exchange sorts Selection and Tree Sorting Insertion Sorts Merge and Radix Sorts Basic Search Techniques Tree Searching General Search Trees Hashing.

UNIT IV          GRAPHS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS                                                   9
Graphs An application of graphs Representation transitive closure - Warshall’s algorithm Shortest path algorithm - a flow Problem Dijkstras algorithm An application of scheduling - Linked representation of Graphs Graph Traversals

UNIT V           STORAGE MANAGEMENT                                                                      9
General Lists: Operations, linked list representation, using lists, Freeing list nodes - Automatic list Management: Reference count method, Garbage Collection, Algorithms, Collection and compaction
L : 45 T : 15 TOTAL : 60 PERIODS

1.  Tanaenbaum A.S.,Langram  Y. Augestein M.J Data Structures using C Pearson
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1.  Robert  Kruse  &  Clovis  L.  Tondo    Data  Structures  and  Program  Design  in
C”,Prentice Hall , 2nd edition.,1991.
2.  Weiss “Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C ,Addison Wesley , Second
Edition, 1997.
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