MC9211 COMPUTER ORGANIZATION Syllabus for 1st Sem MCA - First semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

MC9211 COMPUTER ORGANIZATION Syllabus for 1st Sem MCA - First semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

MC9211                                 COMPUTER ORGANIZATION                               L T P C
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UNIT I             DIGITAL FUNDAMENTALS                                                                     8
Number Systems and Conversions Boolean Algebra and Simplification Minimization of Boolean Functions Karnaugh Map, Logic Gates NAND NOR Implementation.

UNIT II            COMBINATIONAL AND SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS                               10
Design of Combinational Circuits Adder / Subtracter Encoder Decoder MUX / DEMUX Comparators, Flip Flops Triggering – Master Slave Flip Flop State Diagram and Minimization Counters Registers.

UNIT III           BASIC STRUCTURE OF COMPUTERS                                                  9
Functional units Basic operational concepts – Bus structures Performance and Metrics Instruction and instruction sequencing Hardware – Software Interface Addressing modes Instructions Sets RISC and CISC ALU design Fixed point and Floating point operation.

UNIT IV          PROCESSOR DESIGN                                                                             9
Processor basics CPU Organization Data path design Control design Basic concepts Hard wired control Micro programmed control Pipeline control Hazards
Super scalar operation.

UNIT V           MEMORY AND I/O SYSTEM                                                                    9
Memory technology Memory systems Virtual memory Caches Design methods Associative memories Input/Output system – Programmed I/O DMA and Interrupts I/O Devices and Interfaces.
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