BA9260 CORPORATE FINANCE Syllabus for 3rd Sem MBA -Finance Elective-Third semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

BA9260 CORPORATE FINANCE Syllabus for 3rd Sem MBA -Finance Elective-Third semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

BA9260                                           CORPORATE FINANCE                                            LT P C
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UNIT  I            INDUSTRIAL FINANCE                                                                                        9
Indian  Capital  Market  –  Basic problem  of  Industrial  Finance  in  India.  Equity  Debenture financing Guidelines from SEBI, advantages and disadvantages and cost of various sources of Finance - Finance from international sources, financing of exports role of EXIM bank and commercial banks. Finance for rehabilitation        of sick units.

UNIT  II           SHORT TERM-WORKING CAPITAL FINANCE                                                  6
Estimatin workin capita requirements   –   Approac adopte b Commercia banks, Commercial paper- Public deposits and inter corporate investments.

UNIT  III          ADVANCED FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT                                                        12
Appraisal of Risky Investments, certainty equivalent of cash flows and risk adjusted discount rate, risk analysis in the context of DCF methods using Probability information,  nature  of  cash flows, Sensitivity analysis; Simulation and investment         decision, Decision tree approach in investment decisions.

UNIT  IV         FINANCING DECISION                                                                                      10
Simulation and financing decision - cash inadequacy and cash insolvency -determining the probability of cash insolvency- Financing decision in the Context   of  option pricing model and agency costs- Inter-dependence of investment - financing and Dividend decisions.

UNIT  V          CORPORATE GOVERNANCE                                                                             8
Corporate Governance - SEBI Guidelines- Corporate Disasters and Ethics - Corporate Social
Responsibility- Stakeholders and Ethics- Ethics, Managers and     Professionalism.



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