BA9259 INTERNATIONAL TRADE FINANCE Syllabus for 3rd Sem MBA -Finance Elective-Third semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

BA9259 INTERNATIONAL TRADE FINANCE Syllabus for 3rd Sem MBA -Finance Elective-Third semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

BA9259                              INTERNATIONAL TRADE FINANCE                                      LT P C
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UNIT  I            INTERNATIONAL TRADE                                                                                    9
International  Trade Meaning and Benefits Basis of International Trade –        Foreign Trade and Economic Growth Balance of Trade Balance of Payment   Current Trends in India Barriers to International Trade WTO Indian EXIM          Policy.

UNIT  II           EXPORT AND IMPORT FINACE                                                                         9
Special need for Finance in International Trade INCO Terms (FOB, CIF, etc.,) Payment Terms Letters of Credit Pre Shipment and Post Shipment Finance –   Fortfaiting Deferred Payment Terms EXIM Bank ECGC and its schemes  Import     Licensing     –     Financing methods for import of Capital goods.

UNIT  III          FOREX MANAGEMENT                                                                                       9
Foreign Exchange Markets Spot Prices and Forward Prices Factors    influencing  Exchange rates The effects of Exchange rates in Foreign Trade –   Tools for hedging against Exchange rate variations Forward, Futures and         Currency  options   FEMA   Determination  of Foreign Exchange rate an Forecasting.

UNIT  IV         DOCUMENTATION IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE                                              9
Export Trade Documents: Financial Documents Bill of Exchange- Type-             Commercial Documents - Proforma,   Commercial, Consular, Customs, Legalized               InvoiceCertificate             of Origin Certificate Value, Packing List, Weight    Certificate,   Certificate   of              Analysis and Quality, Certificate of Inspection, Health                                      certificate. Transport Documents -    Bill of Lading, Airway Bill, Postal Receipt,                                    Multimodal               Transport    Document.   Risk    Covering   Document: Insurance Policy,                         Insurance Cover Note. Official Document: Export Declaration Forms, GR Form,  PP From, COD Form, Softer  Forms, Export Certification, GSPS UPCDC Norms.

UNIT  V          EXPORT PROMOTION SCHEMES                                                                      9
Government Organizations Promoting Exports Export Incentives : Duty  Exemption      –      IT Concession Marketing Assistance – EPCG, DEPB Advance    License   –   Othe effort I Export Promotion EPZ EQU – SEZ and Export  House.


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