BA9252 RETAIL MANAGEMENT Syllabus for 3rd Sem MBA -Marketing Elective-Third semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

BA9252 RETAIL MANAGEMENT Syllabus for 3rd Sem MBA -Marketing Elective-Third semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

BA9252                                                 RETAIL MANAGEMENT                                      LT P C
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UNIT  I            INTRODUCTION                                                                                                   9
An overview of Global Retailing Challenges and opportunities Retail trends in India Socio economic and technological Influences on retail management Government of India policy implications on retails.

UNIT  II           RETAIL FORMATS                                                                                               9
Organized and unorganized formats Different organized retail formats Characteristics of each format Emerging trends in retail formats MNC's role in organized retail formats.

UNIT  III          RETAILING DECISIONS                                                                                      9
Choice of retail locations - internal and external atmospherics Positioning of retail shops Building retail store Image - Retail service quality management Retail Supply Chain Management Retail Pricing Decisions.

UNIT  IV         RETAIL SHOP MANAGEMENT                                                                           9
Visual Merchandise  Management Space Management Retail Inventory Management Retail accounting and audits - Retail store brands Retail advertising and promotions – Retail Management Information Systems - Online retail Emerging trends .

UNIT  V          RETAIL SHOPPER BEHAVIOUR                                                                        9
Understanding of Retail shopper behavior Shopper Profile Analysis Shopping Decision Process - Factors influencing retail shopper behavior Complaints Management - Retail sales force Management Challenges in Retailing in India- Case studies.
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