BA9209 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Syllabus for 3rd Sem MBA - Third semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

BA9209 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Syllabus for 3rd Sem MBA - Third semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

BA9209                         INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT                          LT P C
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UNIT  I            INTRODUCTION                                                                                                   6
International Business Definition Internationalizing business-Advantages factors causing globalization of business- international business environment country attractivenessPolitical, economi an cultura environmen –   Protectio V liberalizatio o global   business environment.

UNIT  II           INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND INVESTMENT                                                 11
Promotion of global business the role of GATT/WTO multilateral trade negotiation and agreements VIII & IX, round discussions and agreements Challenges for global business global trade and investment theories of international trade and theories of international investment Need for global competitiveness Regional trade block Types Advantages and disadvantages RTBs across the globe brief history.

UNIT  III          INTERNATIONAL STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT                                              11
Strategic compulsions-Standardization Vs Differentiation Strategic options Global portfolio management- global entry strategy different forms of international business advantages- organizational issues of international business – organizational structures controlling of international business approaches to control performance of global business- performance evaluation system.

UNIT  IV          PRODUCTION, MARKETING, FINANCIAL AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT OF GLOBAL BUSINESS                                                                                           11
Global production Location scale of operations- cost of production Make or Buy decisions global  supply  chain  issues   Quality  considerations-  Globalization  of  markets,  marketing strategy – Challenges in product development , pricing, production and channel management- Investment decisions economic- Political risk sources of fund- exchange rate risk and management strategic orientation selection of expatriare managers- Training and development compensation.

UNIT  V           CONFLICT MANAGEMENT AND ETHICS IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT                                                                                                                                 6
Disadvantages of international business Conflict in international business- Sources and types of conflict Conflict resolutions Negotiation the role of international agencies Ethical issues in international business Ethical decision-making.



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