BA9202 ECONOMIC ANALYSIS FOR BUSINESS Syllabus for 1st Sem MBA -First semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

BA9202 ECONOMIC ANALYSIS FOR BUSINESS Syllabus for 1st Sem MBA -First semester - Regulation 2009 - Anna University

BA9202                              ECONOMIC ANALYSIS FOR BUSINESS                               LT P C
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UNIT I             INTRODUCTION                                                                                                   8
The themes of economics scarcity and efficiency three fundamental economic problems – societys capability Production possibility fronties (PPF) Productive efficiency Vs economic efficiency economic growth & stability Micro economies and Macro economies the role of markets and government Positive Vs negative externalities.

UNIT II            CONSUMER AND PRODUCER BEHAVIOUR                                                  13
Market Demand and Supply Determinants Market equilibrium elasticity of demand and supply consumer behaviour consumer equilibrium Approaches to consumer behaviour Production Short-run and long-run Production Function Returns to scale economies Vs diseconomies of scale Analysis of cost Short-run and long-run cost function Relation between Production and cost function.

UNIT III           PRODUCT AND FACTOR MARKET                                                                 13
Product market perfect and imperfect market different market structures – Firm’s equilibrium and supply Market efficiency Economic costs of imperfect competition factor market Land, Labour and capital Demand and supply – determination of factor price Interaction of product and factor market General equilibrium and efficiency of competitive markets.

UNIT IV          PERFORMANCE OF AN ECONOMY MACRO ECONOMICS                        13
Macro-economic aggregates circular flow of macroeconomic activity National income determination Aggregate demand and supply Macroeconomic equilibrium Components of aggregate demand and national income multiplier effect Demand side management Fiscal policy in theory.

UNIT V           AGGREGATE SUPPLY AND THE ROLE OF MONEY                                      13
Short-run and Long-run supply curve Unemployment and its impact – Okuns law Inflation and the impact reasons for inflation Demand Vs Supply factors Inflatio Vs Unemployement tradeoff Phillips curveshort- run and long-run Supply side Policy and management- Money market- Demand and supply of money money-market equilibrium and national income the role of  monetary policy.



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