ME2403 Power plant Engineering Anna University Question paper ...

ME2403 Power plant Engineering Anna University Question paper ...

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ME2403 Power plant Engineering Question paper

Seventh semester ,Mechanical engineering

Time: 3Hrs
Maximum:100 marks

PART A (10 X 2 =20)1. What is the purpose of surge tank in a hydroelectric power plant?
2. What are the main units in a gas turbine power plant?
3. What is the function of economizer?
4. List out the different types of wastes heat recovery boilers.
5. What are the transfer equipments of coal handling plant?
6. Define "Balance draught".
7. Define "Diversity factor".
8. What are the mountings fitted for bioler safely operation?
9. What are hte coponents of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant?
10. Draw a line diagram of MHD principle.

PART B (5 X 16 =80)

11. (i) Draw the layout of MHD open cycle generator and explain its functions of components.
(ii) What are the factors to be considered while selecting a site for hydroelectric power plant?

12. (a) (i) What are the advantages of high pressure boilers?
(ii) With a neat sketch explain the working principle of La Mont boiler.


(b) (i) What are the advantages of FBC systems?
(ii) A power plant using stream as working fluid operates on a Rankine cycle.The boiler and condenser pressure are 30 bar and 1 bar.The condition of stream entering the prime -mover is dry and saturated. Find the thermal efficiency of the cycle neglected the feed pump work and considering the feed pump work,.

13 (a) (i) Draw a neat sketch and explain the working of multi retort sroker.
(ii) Explain with neat sketch the principle of two classifer ball mill,

(b) (i) Discuss hte various pollutants from steam power plant.
(ii) Describe the methods used to control nitrogen oxides from a steam power plant.

14 (a) (i) Describe the automatic combusion control system of a boiler.
(ii) What is the main objective of boiler trail?


(b) (i) Discuss the boiler inspection and safely regulations.
(ii) A power station has two 60 MW units each runnning for 7000 hours a year and one 30 MW unit running for 1500 hours a year. The energy produced per year is 700 X 10 ^6 kwh. Calculate the plant load factor and plant use factor.

15 (a) (i) With neat sketch explain the boiling water reactor power plant
(ii) What are the advantges and disadvantages of nuclear power plant?


(b) (i) What are the advantages of MHD power generation system?
(ii) Explain with neat sketch the indirect gas cooled reactor.
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