CS2303 THEORY OF COMPUTATION question papers Previous Year Anna university question papers ...

CS2303  THEORY OF COMPUTATION question papers Previous Year Anna university question papers ...

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Fifth Semester

Computer Science and Engineering
(Regulation 2004)
Time: 3 hours                                                                  Maximum marks: 100
Answer ALL questions

PART A (10 x 2 =20 marks)

1.Define Automaton?

2.What is the principle of mathematical Induction?

3.Construct a DFA for the regular expression aa*/bb*..

4.Construct a DFA over ∑=(a,b) which produces not more than 3 a’s.

5.Let S-> aB/bA

      Derive the string aaabbabba as left most derivation.

6. What is meant by empty production removal in PDA.?

7.State the Pumping lemma for CFG.

8.   Define turing machine

9.What is meant by halting problem.

10.What is post correspondence problem?

PART B (5 x 16 = 80)

11.  (a )  (i) Prove that for every integer n>=0 the number 42n+13n+2  is a multiple of 13

(ii)construct a DFA that will accept strings on{a,b}where the number of b’s divisible by 3
(b)  (i)  Construct a finite automaton that accepts the set of all strings in {a,b,c}* such that the last symbol in input string appears earlier in the string

12 (a)  (i)   Construct the regular expression to the transition diagram.   
(b)Construct a NFA for regular expression (a/b)*abb and draw its equivalent DFA.

13. (a) Construct a  CFG accepting  L={ambn/n
(b)Convert the grammar with productions into CNF  A->Bab/λ.

14.(a) Design a deteministic turing machine to accept the language L={aibici/i>=0}
14. (b)Determine whether the language given byL={An2/N>=1} is a context free or not.                 

15. (a)Prove that the function fadd (x,y)=x+y
is a primitive recursive
15. (b)Show there exists aTM for which the halting problem is unsolvable

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