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Government of Maharashtra and Maharashtra state GR - maharashtra state government gr education - government resolution maharashtra state - maharashtra state government jobs is official website of Maharashtra Governments resolutions. Maharashtra govt gr website  which provides information of government resolution of Maharashtra state. People can search the various government of Maharashtra plans and can find the utilities related information. Get full information of Latest GRs of Maharashtra Home Department GR excluding expired GRs and of all ranks.

GR Search Maharashtra State Government

List of all Departments in Maharashtra State Government

Step by step guide for How to search maharashtra state government gr.

maharashtra government gr has been released for year 2010 . Maharashtra govt has released gr for several fields like gr for maharashtra agriculture, textile, finance, food and consumers, education.
gr for home and housing , IT, Law department, tourism , public health also released.

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How to search Maharashtra government gr

1) You can get the information on latest gr from Maharashtra govt official site.

2 )On left hand side column you will find link for GR search . Click on that link

3)A New window will open where you will find a search box where you can search gr on basis on department, date, or special keyword . choose any or all option and click on go

note : List of latest mahararashtra govt gr also listed below search box.

Now We will discuss some of them here is this post.

In Maharashtra state government gr for agriculture department 

following gr are included,

1 ) National Agricultural Development Yojneantarragat NGO / institution through Seaavi sing Mahshianmadhye Ashetka - Ayanchya Darat Denyababh Karaun artificial Aretonachya facility.

2 ) Tribal Sub Adaridra Areshekhalil Kshaetratil / Tribal Sub Kshaetrabaheril tribal Ashetka - Yonn Ashetisathie Arthsshay Denayachi Plan 2010-11 Madhye Rabavinyababh Sun

3 ) Peasants public accident Aima Plan 2010-11

4) Reward Center Yojananchya effective Anmlbjaoniasatie Sun 2010-11 Karaita Kaelealya casual work available Arakadyantanharagat Babiwaril Akhrchachya Nedhis recognition respect
5) 2010-11 National Afalotpaadan Abhiyanantharagat Madhye State Sun 15 Okke Hisshyacha Vitaret Karanebabh Fund

You can find following

gr in Maharashtra state government gr for IT

1) E - Tender procedure Awalmbinyababh
2) MSWAN Madhye Regional Caryalyachya Jodnibabh
3) E - Ghwhernns Dhoaran Karanyassathie committee ready Masuada 2010
4) Thematic Information Yunik Aideantite Authority of high-powered committee Endiaya Ayanchya Pretinedhiancha Hseac Anmlbjaoni project committee member Madhye Mahonun appointment Kaaranyababh

Checkout the latest maharashtra government gr for rural development here
3) Maharashtra Development Service Gho - A Madhil Adhika - Yachya Bralya / Niuktya
4) Special Component Yojnekhalil Alabharthayaann Sun 2010; 11 Asatie Nedhiche Distribution 3)Maharashtra Development Service Gho - A Madhil Adhika - Ayanchya Bralya / Niuktya
4) Maharashtra Development Service Nivadsreni Vetonsreni Adhika - Yonchi Ttpurti Jeshttsuchi

Maharashtra govt gr for school department also published on official site

Latest gr in this category are
1)Maharashtra State Secondary and Higher Secondary मंडळ departmental teaching, or departmental मंडळावर Nagpuar Sanwaragaatun Teachers (Secondary) Ssdasychi private appointment Kaaranyababh
2)Mukhyadhyhapkachi Vetonnishrchiti Vetonsreni Nivrttiveton Ahaiyka proposal ready Karanesanndhiche Shikshanadhikahari lead-off rights provided Yonn Karanebabh

Important : Please note that this is informative articles only Please find latest , authenticate details of Maharashtra gr from official site only.

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