CS 2202 DIGITAL PRINCIPLES AND SYSTEM DESIGN Syllabus -CSE,IT 3rd semester- Anna University - Regulation 2008

CS 2202                     DIGITAL PRINCIPLES AND SYSTEM DESIGN                L T P C
(Common to CSE & IT)                                     3 1 0  4

To  provide  an  in-depth  knowledge  of  the  design  of  digital  circuits  and  the  use  of
Hardware Description Language in digital system design.


·    To understand different methods used for the simplification of Boolean functions
·    To design and implement combinational circuits
·    To design and implement synchronous sequential circuits
·    To design and implement asynchronous sequential circuits
·    To study the fundamentals of VHDL / Verilog HDL

UNIT I               BOOLEAN ALGEBRA AND LOGIC GATES                                         8

Review of binary number systems - Binary arithmetic Binary codes Boolean algebra and theorems - Boolean functions Simplifications of Boolean functions using Karnaugh map and tabulation methods Implementation of Boolean functions using logic gates.

UNIT II             COMBINATIONAL LOGIC                                                                       9
Combinational circuits – Analysis and design procedures - Circuits for arithmetic operations - Code conversion Introduction to Hardware Description Language (HDL)

UNIT III            DESIGN WITH MSI DEVICES                                                                  8
Decoders and encoders - Multiplexers and demultiplexers - Memory and programmable logic - HDL for combinational circuits

UNIT IV           SYNCHRONOUS SEQUENTIAL LOGIC                                                10
Sequential circuits – Flip flops Analysis and design procedures - State reduction and state assignment - Shift registers Counters HDL for Sequential Circuits.

UNIT V           ASYNCHRONOUS SEQUENTIAL LOGIC                                              10
Analysis and design of asynchronous sequential circuits - Reduction of state and flow tables Race-free state assignment Hazards. ASM Chart.



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By Vinoth
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