CS 2201 DATA STRUCTURES Syllabus - Anna University - Regulation 2008

CS 2201                                       DATA STRUCTURES                                       L T P C
3  1 0  4
To master the design and applications of linear, tree, balanced tree, hashing, set, and graph structures.

UNIT I             LINEAR STRUCTURES                                                                            9
Abstract  Data  Types  (ADT)   List  ADT   array-based  implementation   linked  list implementation cursor-based linked lists doubly-linked lists applications of lists

Stack ADT Queue ADT  circular queue implementation Applications of stacks and queues

UNIT II            TREE STRUCTURES                                                                               9
Tree ADT tree traversals left child right sibling data structures for general trees Binary Tree ADT expression trees applications of trees binary search tree ADT – Threaded Binary Trees.

UNIT III           BALANCED TREES                                                                                 9
AVL Trees Splay Trees B-Tree - heaps binary heaps applications of binary heaps

UNIT IV          HASHING AND SET                                                                                 9
Hashing Separate chaining – open addressing rehashing extendible hashing - Disjoint Set ADT dynamic equivalence problem smart union algorithms path compression applications of Set

UNIT V           GRAPHS                                                                                                   9
Definitions Topological sort breadth-first traversal - shortest-path algorithms minimum spanning tree Prim's and Kruskal's algorithms Depth-first traversal biconnectivity Euler circuits applications of graphs



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By Vinoth
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