Which Syllabus the Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore, Trichy, Tirunelveli, Madurai, Chennai - Should we follow Chennai syllabus?

There is a confusion among the students of Anna University of Technology, Chennai,Coimbatore, Trichy, Tirunelveli, Madurai  that which syllabus should they follow. The government has announced the merging of all Anna Universities to Anna university , Chennai in 2011.

The May/June 2012 exams for students of following universities were conducted by Anna University, Chennai. 

Anna University of Technology, Chennai

Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore
Anna University of Technology, Trichy
Anna University of Technology, Tirunelveli
Anna University of Technology, Madurai

Anna University has announced that the students under Anna University of Technology, Chennai should follow the Anna University, Chennai - Regulation 2008 syllabus.

The other university students should follow the syllabus of their respective universities.
Exams will be based on their syllabus. It will be conducted by Anna University, Chennai.

The official announcement of Anna University is given below:

It has been brought to the notice of the Director, Academic Courses, that some of
the Affiliated Colleges are seeking clarifications regarding the curriculum and syllabi to
be followed by the students admitted prior to 2011-2012.
The following clarifications are given in this regard:
i) The curriculum and Syllabi published under Regulations 2008 (Affiliated
Colleges) by Anna University, Chennai is applicable only to the students who
are admitted during 2011-2012 in Affiliated Colleges coming under all Anna
Universities of Technology.
ii) All other students who have been admitted prior to the Academic year
2011-2012 have to follow the curriculum and syllabi of the respective Anna
University of Technology.
It is further informed that the University Examinations for all semesters including
arrears for these students will be conducted by Anna University, Chennai following the
curriculum and syllabi as per the Regulations of the respective Anna University of
This takes effect from April / May 2012 Examinations onwards.

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