what is anna university pass mark | Pass Mark for anna university

Many students have confusion how much should be scored to pass in anna university examination.
You may be heard that 50% is pass mark in theory examination conducted by anna university.
Of course its true but it include both theory and internal marks.

You will write theory exam for 100 marks and 20marks for internal marks.
You must score minimum of 45 out of 100 marks.
Then it will be converted for 80% .. So 45 marks will change to 36 out of 80.
Now internal marks will be added to marks you scored for 80.
36+20 = 56  You passed.

If your internal mark is 10, then 36+10 =46  you failed

If your theory mark is 30 and internal is 20, then 30+10=50 you failed because you not passed in theory..

Hope yo understood.. Its so easy to pass in anna university exams

How to pass in anna university exam - Easy steps 

By Vinoth
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