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Transmission & Distribution(T&D) book by M. V. BAKSHI, U. A. BAKSHI

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Structure of electric power system - Different operating voltages of generation, Transmission and distribution-advantage of higher operating voltage for AC transmission.
An introduction to EHV AC transmission, HVDC transmission and FACTs. Mechanical design of transmission line between towers - Sag and tension calculations using approximate equations taking into account the effect of ice and wind.
Transmission Line Parameters
Parameters of resistance, Inductance and capacitance calculations - Single and three phase transmission lines - Single and double circuits - Solid, Stranded and bundled conductors - Symmetrical and unsymmetrical spacing - Transposition of lines - Concepts of GMR and GMD - Skin and proximity effects - interference with neighbouring communication circuits.
Corona discharge characteristics - Critical voltage and loss.(Simple diagrams of typical towers and conductors for 400, 220 and 110 kV operations)
Modelling and Performance of Transmission Lines
Transmission line classification - Short line, Medium line and long line - Equivalent circuits - Ferranti effect - Surge impedance, Attenuation constant and phase constant - Voltage regulation and transmission efficiency - Real and reactive power flow in lines - Power circle diagrams - Shunt and series compensation.
An introduction to power angle diagram - Surge-impedance loading, Loadability limits based on thermal loading; Angle and voltage stability considerations.
Insulators and Cables
Classification of insulators for transmission and distribution purpose - Voltage distribution in insulator string and grading - Improvement of string efficiency.
Underground cables - Constructional features of LT and HT cables - Insulation resistance, Capacitance, dielectric stress and grading - tan  and power loss - Thermal characteristics.
Substation, Grounding System and Distribution System
Classification, Functions and major components of substations. Bus-bar arrangements - Substation bus schemes - Single bus, Double bus with double breaker, Double bus with single breaker, Main and transfer bus, Ring bus, Breaker-and-a half with two main buses, Double bus-bar with bypass isolators. Importance of earthing in a substation. Qualitative treatment to neutral grounding and earthing practises in substations.
Feeders, Distributors and service mains. DC distributor - 2-wire and 3-wire, Radial and ring main distribution. AC distribution - Single phase and three phase 4-wire distribution.


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