ME2401 MECHATRONICS Syllabus for Mechanical Seventh(7th) Semester - Anna University

ME2401                                        MECHATRONICS                                          L T  P C
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·    To understand the interdisciplinary applications of Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and Computer Systems for the Control of Mechanical and Electronic Systems.

UNIT I             MECHATRONICS, SENSORS AND TRANSDUCERS                            9
Introduction to Mechatronics Systems Measurement Systems Control Systems Microprocessobased  Controllers.  Sensors  and  Transducers   Performance Terminology   Sensorfor  Displacement,  Position  and  Proximity;  Velocity,  Motion, Force, Fluid Pressure, Liquid Flow, Liquid Level, Temperature,Light Sensors Selection of Sensors

UNIT II             ACTUATION SYSTEMS                                                                          9
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems   Directional Control Valves Rotary    Actuators. Mechanical Actuation Systems Cams Gear Trains Ratchet and pawl Belt and Chain Drives Bearings. Electrical Actuation Systems Mechanical Switches Solid State Switches Solenoids Construction and working principle of DC and  AC Motors
speed control of AC and DC drives, Stepper Motors-switching circuitries for stepper motor AC & DC Servo motors

UNIT III           SYSTEM MODELS AND CONTROLLERS                                              9
Building blocks of Mechanical, Electrical, Fluid and Thermal Systems, Rotational – Transnational Systems, Electromechanical Systems Hydraulic Mechanical Systems. Continuous and discrete process Controllers – Control Mode Two Step mode Proportional Mode – Derivative Mode – Integral Mode PID Controllers Digital Controllers Velocity Control Adaptive Control Digital Logic Control – Micro Processors Control.

UNIT IV           PROGRAMMING LOGIC CONTROLLERS                                            9
Programmable Logic Controllers – Basic Structure Input / Output Processing Programming Mnemonics Timers, Internal relays and counters Shift Registers Master and Jump Controls Data Handling Analogs Input / Output Selection of a PLC.

UNIT V           DESIGN OF MECHATRONICS SYSTEM                                                9
Stages in designing Mechatronics Systems – Traditional and Mechatronic Design - Possible  Design  Solutions.  Case  studies  of  Mechatronics  systemsPick  and  place Robot- Autonomous mobile robot-Wireless suriviellance balloon- Engine Management system- Automatic car park barrier.



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