ME2307 DYNAMICS LAB Syllabus for Mechanical Fifth(5th) Semester - Anna University

ME2307                                           DYNAMICS LAB                                          L T  P C
0 0  3  2
·    To supplement the principles learnt in kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery.
·    To understand how certain measuring devices are used for dynamic testing.

1. a)  Study of gear parameters.
b)  Experimental study of velocity ratios of simple, compound, Epicyclic and
differential gear trains.
2. a)              Kinematics of  Four  Bar, Slider Crank, Crank  Rocker, Double crank, Double rocker, Oscillating cylinder Mechanisms.
b)  Kinematics of single and double universal joints.

3. a Determination of Mass moment of inertia of Fly wheel and Axle system.
b)    Determination of Mass Moment of Inertia of axisymmetric bodies using Turn
Table apparatus.
c)    Determination of Mass Moment of Inertia using bifilar suspension and compound pendulum.
4.   Motorized gyroscope – Study of gyroscopic effect and couple.
5.  Governor  - Determination of range sensitivity, effort etc., for Watts, Porter, Proell, and Hartnell Governors.
6.   Cams Cam profile drawing, Motion curves and study of jump phenomenon
7.  a) Single degree of freedom Spring Mass System – Determination of natural Frequency and verification of Laws of springs Damping coefficient determination.
b)  Multi degree freedom suspension system Determination of influence coefficient.
8.  a) Determination of torsional natural frequency of single and Double Rotor systems.- Undamped and Damped Natural frequencies.
b) Vibration Absorber – Tuned vibration absorber.
9.   Vibration of Equivalent Spring mass system undamped and damped vibration.
10. Whirling of shafts Determination of critical speeds of shafts with concentrated loads.
11. a). Balancing of rotating masses. (b)  Balancing of reciprocating masses.

12. a)  Transverse vibration of Free-Free beam – with and without concentrated masses. b)  Forced Vibration of Cantilever beam Mode shapes and natural frequencies.
c)  Determination of transmissibility ratio using vibrating table.

Students should be familiar with the use of the following device/equipments depending upon availability.
Tachometers Contact and non contact
Dial gauge
Accelerometers Vibration pickups
Displacement meters.
Vibration Shaker
F.F.T. Analyzer, and (9) Dynamic Balancing Machine.



1.  Cam analyzer.
2.  Motorised gyroscope.

(For a batch of 30 students)

3.  Governor apparatus - Watt, Porter, Proell and Hartnell governors.
4.  Whirling of shaft apparatus.
5.  Dynamic balancing machine.
6.  Static and dynamic balancing machine.
7.  Vibrating table
8.  Vibration test facilities apparatus
9.  Gear Model
10. Kinematic Models to study various mechanisms

By Vinoth
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