ME2304 ENGINEERING METROLOGY AND MEASUREMENTS Syllabus for Mechanical Fifth(5th) Semester - Anna University

ME2304          ENGINEERING METROLOGY AND MEASUREMENTS       L T  P C (Common to Mechanical and Automobile)                                          3   0 0 3


·    To understand the basic principles of measurements
·    To learn the various linear and angular measuring equipments, their principle of operation and applications
·    To learn about various methods of measuring Mechanical parameters

UNIT I             CONCEPT OF MEASUREMENT                                                              9
General concept Generalised measurement system-Units and standards-measuring instruments: sensitivity, stability, range, accuracy and precision-static and dynamic response-repeatability-systematic  and  random errors-correction,  calibration  - Introduction to Dimensional and Geometric Toleranceing - interchangeability,

UNIT II            LINEAR AND ANGULAR MEASUREMENT                                            9
Definition of metrology-Linear measuring instruments: Vernier, micrometer, Slip gauges and classification, - Tool Makers Microscope - interferometery, optical flats, - Comparators: limit gauges Mechanical, pneumatic and electrical comparators, applications. Angular measurements: -Sine bar, Sine center, bevel protractor and angle Decker..

UNIT III           FORM MEASUREMENT                                                                           9
Measurement of screw threads: Thread gauges, floating carriage micrometer- measurement of gear tooth thickness: constant chord and base tangent method-Gleason gear testing machine radius measurements-surface finish: equipment and parameters, straightness, flatness and roundness measurements.

UNIT IV          LASER AND ADVANCES IN METROLOGY                                            9
Precision instruments based on laser-Principles- laser interferometer-application in measurements and machine tool metrology- Coordinate measuring machine (CMM): need, construction, types, applications.- computer aided inspection.

UNIT V           MEASUREMENT OF MECHANICAL PARAMETERS                             9
Force, torque, power:-mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical type-Pressure measurement - Flow: Venturi, orifice, rotameter, pitot tub Temperature: bimetallic strip, thermocouples, pyrometer, electrical resistance thermistor.

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By Vinoth
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