ME2302 DYNAMICS OF MACHINERY Syllabus for Mechanical Fifth(5th) Semester - Anna University

ME2302                                  DYNAMICS OF MACHINERY                             L  P C
3 1  0   4
·    To understand the method of static force analysis and dynamic force analysis of mechanisms
·    To study the undesirable effects of unbalances in rotors and engines.
·    To understand the concept of vibratory systems and their analysis
·    To understand the principles of governors and gyroscopes.

UNIT I             FORCE ANALYSIS AND FLYWHEELS                                                  12
Static force analysis of mechanisms D Alemberts principle - Inertia force and Inertia torque Dynamic force analysis - Dynamic Analysis in Reciprocating Engines Gas Forces  - Equivalent masses  - Bearing  loads - Crank shaft TorqueEngine shaking Forces - Turning moment diagrams - Flywheels of engines and punch press

UNIT II            BALANCING                                                                                           12
Static and  dynamic  balancing  -  Balancing of  rotating  masses  -  Balancing a  single cylinder Engine Primary and secondary unbalanced forces - Balancing Multi-cylinder Engines Firing order Pivoted cradle balancing machines

UNIT III           FREE VIBRATION                                                                                  12
Basic features of vibratory systems - Basic elements and lumping of parameters - Degrees of freedom - Single degree of freedom - Free vibration - Equations of motion - natural frequency - Types of Damping - Damped free vibration Whirling of shafts and critical speed - Torsional systems; Natural frequency of two and three rotor systems.

UNIT IV          FORCED VIBRATION                                                                            12
Response  to  periodic  forcing  -  Harmonic  Forcing   Forced  vibration  caused  by unbalance - Support motion – Force transmissibility and amplitude transmissibility - Vibration isolation

UNIT V           MECHANISMS FOR CONTROL                                                            12
Governors - Types - Centrifugal governors - Gravity controlled and spring controlled centrifugal governors Characteristics - Effect of friction - Controlling Force – Quality of governors effect of friction.
Gyroscopes  -  Gyroscopic  couple  -  Gyroscopic  stabilization  -  Gyroscopic  effects  in
Automobiles and ships



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