ME2301 THERMAL ENGINEERING Syllabus for Mechanical Fifth(5th) Semester - Anna University

ME2301                                  THERMAL ENGINEERING                              L    C
  0    4
·    To integrate the concepts, laws and methodologies from the first course in thermo dynamics into analysis of cyclic processes
·    To apply the thermodynamic concepts into various thermal application like IC
engines, Steam Turbines, Compressors and Refrigeration and Air conditioning

UNIT I             GAS POWER CYCLES                                                                          12
Otto, Diesel, Dual, Brayton cycles, Calculation of mean effective pressure, and air standardefficiency  - Actual and theoretical PV diagram of four stroke and two stroke engines

UNIT II            INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES                                                    12
Classification - Components and their function - Valve timing diagram and port timingdiagram - Comparison of two stroke and four stroke engines - Carburettor system,Diesel pump and injector system.
Performance calculation - Comparison of petrol and diesel engine - Lubrication system and Cooling system - Battery and Magneto Ignition System Formation of exhaust emission in SI and CI engines

UNIT III           STEAM NOZZLES AND TURBINES                                                      12
Flow of steam through nozzles, shapes of nozzles, effect of friction, critical pressure ratio, supersaturated flow, Impulse and Reaction principles, compounding, velocitydiagram for simple and multi-stage turbines, speed regulations Governors.

UNIT IV          AIR COMPRESSOR                                                                              12
Classification and working principle of various types of compressors, work of compression with and without clearance, Volumetric efficiency, Isothermal efficiency and Isentropic efficiency of reciprocating compressors, Multistage air compressor and inter cooling work of multistage air compressor

UNIT V           REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING                                       12
Vapour compression refrigeration cycle- super heat, sub cooling Performance calculations - working principle of vapour absorption system, Ammonia Water, Lithium

bromide water systems (Description only) - Alternate refrigerants Comparison between vapour compression and absorption systems - Air conditioning system: Types, Working Principles - Psychrometry, Psychrometric chart - Cooling Load calculations - Concept of RSHF, GSHF, ESHF -(Use of standard thermodynamic tables, Mollier diagram, Psychrometric chart and refrigerant property tables are permitted in the examination)



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