ME2204 FLUID MECHANICS AND MACHINERY Syllabus for Mechanical Third(3rd) Semester - Anna University

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(Common to Aeronautical, Mechanical, Automobile & Production)
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·    Th student   is  introduce t th mechanics  of  fluids  throug  thorough understanding of the properties of the fluids. The dynamics of fluids is introduced through the control volume approach which gives an integrated under standing of the transport of mass, momentum and energy.
·    The  applications  of  the  conservation  laws  to  flow  though  pipes  and  hydraulics machines are studied

UNIT I           INTRODUCTION                                                                                       12
Units & Dimensions. Properties of fluids Specific gravity, specific weight, viscosity, compressibility, vapour pressure and gas laws capillarity and surface tension. Flow characteristics: concepts of system and control volume. Application of control volume to continuity equiation, energy equation, momentum equation and moment of momentum equation.

UNIT II           FLOW THROUG CIRCULAR CONDUITS                                               12
Laminar flow though circular conduits and circular annuli. Boundary layer concepts. Boundary layer thickness. Hydraulic and energy gradient. Darcy Weisbach equaition. Friction factor and Moody diagram. Commercial pipes. Minor losses. Flow though pipes in series and in parallel.

UNIT III           DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS                                                                      9
Dimensio an units Buckingham’ П   theorem Discussio o dimensionless
parameters. Models and similitude. Applications of dimensionless parameters.
UNIT IV           ROTO DYNAMIC MACHINES                                                                16
Homologus  units.  Specific  speed.  Elementary  cascade  theory.  Theory  of  turbo machines. Euler’s equation. Hydraulic efficiency. Velocity components at the entry and exit of the rotor. Velocity triangle for single stage radial flow and axial flow machines. Centrifugal pumps, turbines, performance curves for pumps and turbines.

UNIT V            POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT MACHINES                                              11
Recriprocating pumps, Indicator diagrams, Work saved by air vessels. Rotory pumps. Classification. Working and performance curves.



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