ME2203 KINEMATICS OF MACHINERY Syllabus for Mechanical Third(3rd) Semester - Anna University

ME2203                               KINEMATICS OF MACHINERY                           L T  P C
3  1 0  4
·          To understand the concept of machines, mechanisms and related terminologies.
·          To analyse a mechanism for displacement, velocity and acceleration at any point in a moving link
·          To understand the theory of gears, gear trains and cams
·          To understand the role of friction in drives and brakes.

UNIT I             BASICS OF MECHANISMS                                                                      7
Definitions Link, Kinematic pair, Kinematic chain, Mechanism, and Machine. -Degree of  Freedom   Mobility  -  Kutzbach  criterion  (Gruebler’s  equation)  -Grashoff's  law-

Kinematic Inversions of four-bar chain and slider crank chain - Mechanical Advantage- Transmission angle.

Description of common Mechanisms - Offset slider mechanism as quick return mechanisms, Pantograph, Straight line generators (Peaucellier and Watt mechanisms), Steering gear for automobile, Hookes joint, Toggle mechanism, Ratchets and escapements - Indexing Mechanisms.

UNIT II            KINEMATIC ANALYSIS                                                                      10+5
Analysis  o simpl mechanisms  (Singl slider  crank  mechanism  and  four  bar mechanism) - Graphical Methods for displacement, velocity and acceleration; Shaping machine mechanism - Coincident points Coriolis acceleration - Analytical method of analysis of slider crank mechanism and four bar mechanism Approximate analytical expression for displacement, velocity and acceleration of piston of reciprocating engine mechanism.

UNIT III           KINEMATICS OF CAMS                                                                       8+3
Classifications - Displacement diagrams - Parabolic, Simple harmonic and Cycloidal motions Graphical construction of displacement diagrams and layout of plate cam profiles - circular arc and tangent cams -  Pressure angle and undercutting.

UNIT IV          GEARS                                                                                                10+4
Classification of gears Gear tooth terminology - Fundamental Law of toothed gearing and involute gearing Length of path of contact and contact ratio - Interference and undercutting - Gear trains Simple, compound and Epicyclic gear trains - Differentials.

UNIT V           FRICTION                                                                                            10+3
Dry friction Friction in screw jack Pivot and collar friction - Plate clutches - Belt and rope drives - Block brakes, band brakes.


L= 4 T=  15 TOTAL  60 PERIODS

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