ME2034 NUCLEAR ENGINEERING Syllabus for Mechanical Seventh(7th) Semester - Anna University

ME2034                                   NUCLEAR ENGINEERING                                  L T P C
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·    To  gain  some  fundamental  knowledge  about  nuclear  physics,  nuclear  reactor, nuclear fuels, reactors and safe disposal of nuclear wastes.

UNIT I             NUCLEAR PHYSICS                                                                                9
Nuclear model of an atom-Equivalence of mass and energy-binding- radio activity-half life-neutron interactions-cross sections.

UNIT II            NUCLEAR REACTIONS AND REACTION MATERIALS                        9
Mechanism of nuclear fission and fusion- radio activity- chain reactions-critical mass and composition-nuclear fuel cycles and its characteristics-uranium production and purification-Zirconium, thorium, beryllium.

UNIT III           REPROCESSING                                                                                      9
Reprocessing: nuclear fuel cycles-spent fuel characteristics-role of solvent extraction in reprocessing-solvent extraction equipment.

UNIT IV          NUCLEAR REACTOR                                                                              9
Nuclear  reactors:  types  of  fast  breeding  reactors-design  and  construction  of  fast breeding reactors-heat transfer techniques in nuclear reactors- reactor shielding. Fusion reactors.

UNIT V           SAFETY AND DISPOSAL                                                                        9
Safety and disposal: Nuclear plant safety-safety systems-changes and consequences of accident-criteria for safety-nuclear waste-types of waste and its disposal-radiation hazards and their prevention-weapons proliferation.



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By Vinoth
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