ME 2031 THERMAL TURBO MACHINES Syllabus for Mechanical Seventh(7th) Semester - Anna University

ME 2031                          THERMAL TURBO MACHINES                                 L T  P C
3  0 0  3
To instruct the importance of the principles of various turbomachines

To understand the various systems, principles, operations and applications of different types of turbo machinery components.

UNIT I             PRINCIPLES                                                                                              9
Energy transfer between fluid and rotor-classification of fluid machinery,-dimensionless parameters-specific speed-applications-stage velocity triangles-work and efficiency.

UNIT II            CENTRIFUGAL FANS AND BLOWERS                                                  9
Types-  stage  and  design  parameters-flow  analysis  in  impeller  blades-volute  and diffusers, losses, characteristic curves and selection, fan drives and fan noise.

UNIT III            CENTRIFUGAL COMPRESSOR                                                             9
Construction  details,  impeller  flow  losses,  slip  factor,  diffuser  analysis,  losses  and performance curves.

UNIT IV           AXIAL FLOW COMPRESSOR                                                                 9
Stage velocity diagrams, enthalpy-entropy diagrams, stage losses and efficiency, work done simple stage design problems and performance characteristics.

UNIT V            AXIAL AND RADIAL FLOW TURBINES                                                 9
Stage  velocity  diagrams,  reaction  stages,  losses  and  coefficients,  blade  design principles, testing and performance characteristics.



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By Vinoth
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