IT2402 MOBILE COMMUNICATION Syllabus - Anna University

IT2402                                     MOBILE COMMUNICATION                                L T P C
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UNIT I             WIRELESS COMMUNICATION                                                               7
Cellular systems- Frequency Management and Channel Assignment- types of handoff and their characteristics, dropped call rates & their evaluation -MAC SDMA FDMA – TDMA CDMA Cellular Wireless Networks

UNIT II            WIRELESS NETWORKS                                                                          9
Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 Standards Architecture Services Mobile Ad hoc
Networks- WiFi and WiMAX - Wireless Local Loop

UNIT III           MOBILE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS                                                11
GSM-architecture-Location tracking and call setup- Mobility management- Handover- Security-GSM SMS International roaming for GSM- call recording functions-subscriber and service data mgt -Mobile Number portability -VoIP service for Mobile Networks – GPRS –Architecture-GPRS procedures-attach and detach procedures-PDP context procedure-combined RA/LA update procedures-Billing

UNIT IV          MOBILE NETWORK AND TRANSPORT LAYERS                                 9
Mobile IP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol-Mobile Ad Hoc Routing ProtocolsMulticast routing-TCP over Wireless Networks Indirect TCP Snooping TCP Mobile TCP Fast Retransmit / Fast Recovery – Transmission/Timeout Freezing-Selective Retransmission Transaction Oriented TCP- TCP over 2.5 / 3G wireless Networks

UNIT V           APPLICATION LAYER                                                                             9
WAP Model- Mobile Location based services -WAP Gateway WAP protocols WAP
user agent profile- caching model-wireless bearers for WAP - WML WMLScripts - WTA
- iMode- SyncML

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2. William Stallings, Wireless Communications and Networks, Pearson Education,


1. Kaveh Pahlavan, Prasanth Krishnamoorthy, Principles of Wireless Networks, First
Edition, Pearson Education, 200UNIT III
2. Uwe Hansmann, Lothar Merk, Martin S. Nicklons and Thomas Stober, Principles of
Mobile Computing, Springer, 200UNIT III
3. C.K.Toh, AdHoc Mobile Wireless Networks, First Edition, Pearson Education, 2002.

By Vinoth
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