IT2357 WEB TECHNOLOGY LAB MANUAL for IT - Third (3rd) semester -by R.Anirudhan

IT2357 WEB TECHNOLOGY LAB MANUAL for IT - Third (3rd) semester


1. Create a web page with the following using HTML
i) To embed an image map in a web page
ii) To fix the hot spots
iii) Show all the related information when the hot spots are clicked.
2. Create a web page with all types of Cascading style sheets.
3. Client Side Scripts for Validating Web Form Controls using DHTML
4. Write programs in Java to create applets incorporating the following features:
 Create a color palette with matrix of buttons
 Set background and foreground of the control text area by selecting a
color from color palette.
 In order to select Foreground or background use check box control as
radio buttons
 To set background images
5. Write programs in Java using Servlets:
 To invoke servlets from HTML forms
 To invoke servlets from Applets
6. Write programs in Java to create three-tier applications using JSP and Databases
 for conducting on-line examination.
 for displaying student mark list. Assume that student information is
available in a database which has been stored in a database server.
7. Programs using XML – Schema – XSLT/XSL
8. Programs using AJAX
9. Consider a case where we have two web Services- an airline service and a travel
agent and the travel agent is searching for an airline. Implement this scenario using
Web Services and Data base.

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