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IT2302                        INFORMATION THEORY AND CODING                           L T P C
3  0 0 3

UNIT I             INFORMATION THEORY                                                                         9
Information Entropy, Information rate, classification of codes, Kraft McMillan inequality, Source coding theorem, Shannon-Fano coding, Huffman coding, Extended Huffman coding - Joint and conditional entropies, Mutual information - Discrete memoryless channels BSC, BEC – Channel capacity, Shannon limit.

UNIT II            SOURCE CODING: TEXT, AUDIO AND SPEECH                                  9
Text: Adaptive Huffman Coding, Arithmetic Coding, LZW algorithm – Audio: Perceptual coding, Masking techniques, Psychoacoustic model, MEG Audio layers I,II,III, Dolby AC3 - Speech: Channel Vocoder, Linear Predictive Coding

UNIT III           SOURCE CODING:  IMAGE AND VIDEO                                                9
Image and Video Formats GIF, TIFF, SIF, CIF, QCIF Image compression: READ, JPEG Video Compression: Principles-I,B,P frames, Motion estimation, Motion compensation, H.261, MPEG standard

UNIT IV          ERROR CONTROL CODING: BLOCK CODES                                       9
Definitions and Principles: Hamming weight, Hamming distance, Minimum distance decoding - Single parity codes, Hamming codes, Repetition codes - Linear block codes, Cyclic codes - Syndrome calculation, Encoder and decoder - CRC

Convolutional  codes   code  tree,  trellis,  state  diagram  -  Encoding   Decoding: Sequential search and Viterbi algorithm Principle of Turbo coding



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Standards, Perason Education Asia, 2002

1.  K Sayood, Introduction to Data Compression3/e, Elsevier 2006
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3.  Amitabha Bhattacharya, “Digital Communication, TMH 2006

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