IT2034 ADHOC SENSOR NETWORKS Syllabus - Anna University

IT2034                                  ADHOC SENSOR NETWORKS                                L T P C
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UNIT I             ROUTING                                                                                                  9
Cellular and Ad hoc wireless networks – Issues of MAC layer and  Routing Proactive, Reactive and Hybrid Routing protocols Multicast Routing Tree based and Mesh based protocols Multicast with Quality of Service Provision.

UNIT II            QUALITY OF SERVICE                                                                            9
Real-time traffic support Issues and challenges in providing QoS Classification of QoS Solutions MAC layer classifications – QoS Aware Routing Protocols Ticket based and Predictive location based Qos Routing Protocols

UNIT III           ENERGY MANAGEMENT AD HOC NETWORKS                                   9
Need for Energy Management Classification of Energy Management Schemes Battery Management and Transmission Power Management Schemes Network Layer and Data Link Layer Solutions System power Management schemes

UNIT IV          MESH NETWORKS                                                                                  9
Necessity for Mesh Networks MAC enhancements IEEE 802.11s Architecture Opportunistic Routing Self Configuration and Auto Configuration  - Capacity Models – Fairness Heterogeneous Mesh Networks Vehicular Mesh Networks

UNIT V           SENSOR NETWORKS                                                                             9
Introduction Sensor Network architecture – Data Dissemination Data Gathering – MAC Protocols for sensor Networks Location discovery Quality of Sensor Networks
Evolving Standards Other Issues Recent trends in Infrastructure less Networks



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