IT2031 ELECTRONIC COMMERCE Syllabus - Anna University

IT2031                                     ELECTRONIC COMMERCE                                  L T P C
3 0 0 3

UNIT I             INTRODUCTION                                                                                       9
Traditional commerce and E commerce Internet and WWW role of WWW value chains strategic business and Industry value chains role of E commerce.

UNIT II            INFRASTRUCTURE FOR E COMMERCE                                               9
Packet  switched  networks   TCP/IP  protocol  script   Internet utility  programmes  SGML, HTML and XML web client and servers Web client/server architecture intranet and extranets.

UNIT III           WEB BASED TOOLS FOR E COMMERCE                                             9
Web server performance evaluation - web server software feature sets web server software and tools web protocol search engines intelligent agents –EC software web hosting cost analysis

UNIT IV          SECURITY                                                                                                9
Computer security classification copy right and Intellectual property electronic commerce threats – protecting client computers electronic payment systems electronic cash strategies for marketing sales and promotion cryptography – authentication.

UNIT V           INTELLIGENT AGENTS                                                                           9
Definition and capabilities limitation of agents – security web based marketing – search engines and Directory registration online advertisements Portables and info mechanics website design issues.


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By Vinoth
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