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Civil Services-IAS Prelims: IAS Prelims General Studies; Civil Services-IAS Mains: IAS Mains Civil Engineering I, IAS Mains Economics I, IAS Mains English, IAS Mains English Literature I, IAS Mains General Studies I, IAS Mains Geography I

  • Should you select public administration because everyone else is choosing it?
  • If you are from an engineering background, which optionals are the best for you?
  • Is it true that selecting unpopular optionals helps with IAS success?
  • Why do so many people prefer geography, sociology and psychology?
  • Should you attempt the paper in English, Hindi or your own language?

Confused about which optionals would work the best for you? Then, gain clarity with expert guidance.

Your whole score and result could depend on just one decision : what optionals you select. Don’t start your IAS preparation without consulting IASKracker. Here are some pointers:

  • Most engineering students choose Geography as its a technical and scientific subject, and better suited to their mentality
  • Public administration has a limited and defined syllabus - enabling you to score higher
  • Almost all IAS toppers in recent past chose at least one unpopular optional subject - are you covered?

Tips like these are covered in fortnightly classes and PowerPoint presentations created by by IASKracker. Enroll now to gain clarity and take an informed choice to prepare for IAS.

Course Package:

  • 01 Live Interactive Online Class / Month
  • Some tutorials and PDF's on selection of optionals

About course instructor:

Having qualified IAS prelims in all the 4 attempts, Vimlaksh Gautam is the instructor who knows what is required to be read and retained to qualify IAS prelims. He has also reached Civil Services Interview in 2008 where he scored 371/600 in General Studies paper of Civil Services Mains. He is B.E (Electronics and Telecommunication), Mumbai University, 2004 and lives in Nagpur, India.

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