How to pass in anna university exam - Easy steps to get pass in anna university

If i say it is very easy to get passed in anna university exam, I know you all curse me as you can.
Really the fact is anna university exams are not big deal. It very simple and easy to pass.
I am going to tell you step by step procedure to get passed easily
Lets start from beginning.
Case 1:
Step 1: Get the syllabus
Step 2: You no need to be attentive to class but you should have idea about what today class is about
Step 3: Get good text book or notes
Step 4: Check text book with syllabus.
Step 5: Get important questions, question bank and previous year question paper.
Step 6: Compare and analyse it
Step 7: Get clear idea about what you are going to learn.
Step 8: Select 5 question per unit.
Step 9: If possible just have overview glance of other topics.
Step 10: Finish it in night before exam
Step 11: Study 2 marks **
Step 12: Revise in morning what you studied till now.
Step 13: Be attentive in exam and answer all question carefully(answer all questions without fail)

Sure you will get "B" grade in anna university exam.

Case 2: Those who study only before night
Step 1: Get syllabus
Step 2: Get good text book or notes 
Step 3: Check text book with syllabus.
Step 4: Get important questions, question bank and previous year question paper.
Step 5: Get clear idea about what you are going to learn.
Step 6: Choose very important questions from previous year question paper
Step 7: Prioritize important questions and make order which you should study
These steps must be completed before 5pm before exam.
Step 8: Divide you time required according and set time
Step 9: Start to prepare.
Step 10: If extends your time, move to next unit
Step 11: You must through with 3 units.
Step 12: Be attentive and answer all the questions.
"Most important is 2 marks because your 2 mark answers decides your fate. If you attend 8, 2marks you get good impression. If your first 2 16 is correct, you get 14 for each. If you write remaining question some what ok you get good marks for those also"
You must cheat them you studied well and your answers are correct. The If you attended a question which don't know you get good mark for those also.
Answer sheet is corrected by staffs only they are human being not machine.
They have only knowledge about that subject not what there in textbook. If you write relevant answer they will give you marks, Most important is heading and keywords you use if its upto their expectation you get even 10marks for 16m question without studying.

All the best
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By Vinoth
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