GE2321 communication lab manual (common for CSE ( VI ), ECE (IV), EEE (V) departments ) - by R.Anirudhan

GE2321 communication lab manual (common for CSE ( VI - semester ), ECE  (IV semester), EEE, IT (V semester )  departments ) - by R.Anirudhan

syllabus :

UNIT I Resume / Report Preparation / Letter Writing: 
Letter writing – Job application with Resume - Project report - Email etiquette.

UNIT II Presentation skills 
Elements of effective presentation – Structure of presentation - Presentation tools –
Body language.

UNIT III Soft Skills 
Time management – Stress management – Assertiveness – Negotiation

UNIT IV Group Discussion 
Group discussion as part of selection process, Structure of group discussion –
Strategies in group discussion – Mock group discussions.

UNIT V Interview Skills 
Kinds of interviews – Interview techniques – Corporate culture – Mock interviews.
(Career Lab Software may be used for this section).

Note: Career Lab software may be used to learn the skills, to be applied in the
practice session.

B. Practice session 
1. Resume / Report Preparation / Letter writing: 
Students prepare their own resume and report.

2. Presentation Skills:
Students make presentations on given topics.

3. Group Discussion: 
Students participate in group discussions.

4. Interview Skills: 
Students participate in Mock Interviews

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