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Electrical Machines - II Book by M. V. BAKSHI, U. A. BAKSHI

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Synchronous Generator
Constructional details - Types of  rotors - emf equation - Synchronous reactance - Armature reaction - Voltage regulation - EMF, MMF, ZPF and A.S.A. methods - Synchronizing and parallel operation - Synchronizing torque - Change of excitation and mechanical input - Two reaction theory - Determination of direct and quadrature axis synchronous reactance using slip test - Operating characteristics - Capability curves.

Synchronous Motor
Principle of operation - Torque equation - Operation on infinite bus bars - V-curves - Power input and power developed equations - Starting methods - Current loci for constant power input, Constant excitation and constant power developed.

Three Phase Induction Motor
Constructional details - Types of rotors - Principle of operation - Slip - Equivalent circuit - Slip-torque characteristics - Condition for maximum torque - Losses and efficiency - Load test - No load and blocked rotor tests - Circle diagram - Separation of no load losses - Double cage rotors - Induction generator - Synchronous induction motor.

Starting and Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor
Need for starting - Types of starters - Rotor resistance, Autotransformer and star-delta starters - Speed control - Change of voltage, Torque, Number of poles and slip - Cascaded connection - Slip power recovery scheme.

Single Phase Induction Motors and Special Machines
Constructional details of single phase induction motor - Double revolving field theory and operation - Equivalent circuit - No load and blocked rotor test - Performance analysis - Starting methods of single-phase induction motors - Shaded pole induction motor - Linear reluctance motor - Repulsion motor - Hysteresis motor - A.C. series motor.

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