EI2402 LOGIC AND DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEM Syllabus - EIE 7th Semester - Anna University

EI2402                           LOGIC  AND  DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEM                         L T P C
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To illustrate the concept of programmable logic controllers and distributed control system.

i.          To give an introductory knowledge about PLC and the programming languages. ii.     To give adequate knowledge about of application of PLC.
iii.         To give basic knowledge in the architecture and local control unit of distributed control system.
iv.        To give adequate information in the interfaces used in DCS.
v.         To give basic knowledge about Computer Controlled Systems.

UNIT I             PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER                                                                9
Evolution of PLC’s Components of PLC Advantages over relay logic Architecture of PLC– Programming devices - Discrete and Analog I/O modules Programming languages Ladder diagram – Programming timers and counters Design of PLC.

UNIT II            APPLICATIONS OF PLC                                                                                            9
Instructions in PLC Program control instructions, math instructions, sequencer instructions Use of PC as PLC Application of PLC – Case study of bottle filling system.

UNIT III           COMPUTER CONTROLLED SYSTEMS                                                                     9
Basic building blocks of  Computer controlled systems SCADA data Acquisition System
supervisory Control Direct digital Control .

UNIT IV          DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEM                                                                         9
DCS  -  Architectures   Comparison   Local  control  unit   Process  interfacing  issues  Communication facilities.

UNIT V           INTERFACES IN DCS                                                                                                 9
Operator interfaces - Low level and high level operator interfaces Operator displays  - Engineering interfaces Low level and high level engineering interfaces General purpose computers in DCS.
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By Vinoth
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