EI2301 INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Syllabus - EIE 5th Semester - Anna University

EI2301                                           INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS                                            L T P C
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To introduce the application of electronic devices for conversion, control and conditioning of electric power.

i.          To get an overview of different types of power semi-conductor devices and their switching characteristics.
ii.          To understanthoperation, characteristics and performance parameters of  controlled rectifiers.
iii.        To study the characteristics of DC and AC drives
iv.        To learn the different modulation techniques of pulse width modulated inverters and to understand the harmonic reduction methods.
v.         To know the practical application for power electronics converters in conditioning the power supply.

UNIT I             POWER DEVICES                                                                                                      9
Power diode Power transistor Power MOSFET SCR TRIAC GTO IGBT – MCT Protection of power devices.

UNIT II            CONVERTERS                                                                                                           9
Introduction to half wave, full wave and bridge rectifiers Single phase and three phase Half controlled and fully controlled converters Dual converters Introduction to cyclo converters and ac controllers.

UNIT II I          INVERTER AND CHOPPER                                                                                      9
Voltage, current and load commutation Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) Series and Parallel inverter – Bridge inverters Single and three phase Voltage control using PWM Current Source Inverter (CSI) Choppers Step up and step down  choppers Chopper classification Class A, B, C, D, E AC choppers.

UNIT IV          DC AND AC DRIVES                                                                                                 9
Steady state characteristic of dc motors Control of DC motor using converters and choppers Regenerative and dynamic braking Closed loop control scheme Speed-torque characteristic of induction motor Static stator voltage control V/f control Static rotor resistance control Slip power recovery scheme Self control of synchronous motor.

UNIT V           OTHER APPLICATIONS                                                                                           9
Electronic timers Digital counters Voltage regulators Online and offline ups Switched mode power supply Principle and application of induction and dielectric heating.



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