EI2208 ELECTRICAL MACHINES LABORATORY Syllabus - EIE, ICE 3rd Semester - Anna University

L T  P  C

(Common to EIE & ICE)
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1.  Open circuit characteristic of DC Shunt Generator.
2.    Load test on DC Shunt Generator.
3.    Speed control of DC Shunt Motor.
4.    Brake test on DC Shunt Motor.
5.    Brake test on DC Series Motor.
6.    Regulation characteristic of three - phase Alternator.
7.    Open circuit and short circuit tests on Single - phase Transformer.
8.    Load test on Single - phase Transformer
9.    Load test on Three - phase Induction Motor.
10. Brake test on Single - phase Induction Motor.
11. V’ curves of Synchronous Motor.
12. Power measurement in three - phase circuit using two - wattmeter

By Vinoth
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