EI2202 ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS Syllabus - EIE 3rd Semester - Anna University

L T  P C

(Common to EIE & ICE)
3  1 0  4

To provide adequate knowledge in electrical measurements and instrumentation.

To make the students to gain a clear knowledge of the basic laws governing the operation of electrical instruments and the measurement techniques.

i.    Emphasis is laid on the meters used to measure current & voltage.
ii.    To have an adequate knowledge in the measurement techniques for power and energy, power and energy meters are included.
iii.  Elaborate discussion about potentiometer & instrument transformers. iv.  Detailed study of resistance measuring methods.
v.   Detailed study of inductance and capacitance measurement.

UNIT I        MEASUREMENT OF VOLTAGE AND CURRENT                                                       9
Galvanometers Ballistic, D’Arsonval galvanometer Theory, calibration, application Principle, construction,  operation  and  comparison  of  moving  coil,  moving  iron  meters,  dynamometer, induction type & thermal type meter, rectifier type Extension of range and calibration of voltmeter and ammeter Errors and compensation.

UNIT II        MEASUREMENT OF POWER AND ENERGY                                                             9
Electrodynamometer type wattmeter Theory & its errors Methods of correction LPF wattmeter
Phantom loading Induction type kWh meter – Induction type energy meter – Calibration of wattmeter.

UNIT III        POTENTIOMETERS & INSTRUMENT TRANSFORMERS                                           9
DC potentiometer – Basic circuit, standardization Laboratory type (Cromptons) AC potentiometer Drysdale (polar type) type Gall-Tinsley (coordinate) type Limitations & applications C.T and P.T construction, theory, operation and characteristics.

UNIT IV        RESISTANCE MEASUREMENT                                                                                  9
Measurement of low, medium & high resistance Ammeter, voltmeter method Wheatstone bridge
Kelvin double bridge Series and shunt type ohmmeter High resistance measurement Megger – Direct deflection methods Prices guard-wire method Earth resistance measurement.

UNIT V        IMPEDANCE MEASUREMENT                                                                                    9
A.C bridges Measurement of inductance, capacitance Q of coil Maxwell Bridge Weins bridge Schering bridge Anderson bridge Campbell bridge to measure mutual inductance Errors in A.C. bridge methods and their compensation Detectors Excited field A.C. galvanometer – Vibration galvanometer


L  = 45  T = 1Total = 60

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By Vinoth
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