EI2201 ELECTRICAL MACHINES Syllabus for EIE,ICE 3rd Semester - Anna University

EI2201                                              ELECTRICAL MACHINES                                                (Common to EIE & ICE)                                                                    


To impart basic knowledge on Electrical machines, principles and its behavior.


At the end of this course, student would have been exposed to:
·    Theory of structures, operating principle, characteristics, and applications of D.C and A.C
rotating machines and transformers in detail.
·    Introductory knowledge on Special Machines.

UNIT I             D.C. MACHINES                                                                                                     12
Construction of D.C. Machines - Principle and theory of operation of D.C. generator - EMF equation
- Characteristics of D.C. generators - Armature reaction Commutation - Principle of operation of D.C. motor - Voltage equation - Torque equation - Types of D.C. motors and their characteristics Starters - Speed control of D.C. motors - Applications.

UNIT II            TRANSFORMERS                                                                                                    9
Principle - Theory of ideal transformer - EMF equation - Construction details of shell and core type transformers - Tests on transformers - Equivalent circuit - Phasor diagram - Regulation and efficiency of a transformer - Introduction to three - phase transformer connections.

UNIT III           SYNCHRONOUS MACHINES                                                                                  8
Principle of alternators:- Construction details, Equation of induced EMF and Vector diagram - Synchronous motor:- Starting methods, Torque, V curves, Speed control and Hunting.

UNIT IV          INDUCTION MACHINES                                                                                           9
Induction motor:- Construction and principle of operation, Classification of induction motor, Torque equation, Condition for maximum torque, Equivalent Circuit, Starting methods and Speed control of induction motors.

UNIT V           SPECIAL MACHINES                                                                                                7
Types of single phase motor Double revolving field theory Cross field theory Capacitor start capacitor run motors Shaded pole motor Repulsion type motor Universal motor – Hysteresis motor - Permanent magnet synchronous motor Switched reluctance motor Brushless D.C motor.



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