EI2023 MICRO ELECTRO MECHANICAL SYSTEMS Syllabus - EIE 7th Semester - Anna University

EI2023                                 MICRO ELECTRO MECHANICAL SYSTEMS                            L T P C
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The course is designed to familiarize the student with the functions and applications of MEMS.

(i)         To  study about MEMS and parts of MEMS
(ii)        To  study the design methodalogy of MEMS for various mechanics. (iii)          To study about actuators in MEMS.
(iv)       To study about  MEMS based circuits.
(v)        To study about optical and RF based MEMS.

UNIT I               INTRODUCTION TO MEMS                                                                                     9
MEMS and Microsystems, Miniaturization, Typical products, Micro Sensors,Micro actuation, MEMS
with micro actuators, Microaccelorometers and Micro fluidics, MEMS materials, Micro Fabrication

UNIT II             MECHANICS FOR MEMS DESIGN                                                                          9
Elasticity, Stress, strain and material properties, Bending of thin plates,      Spring configurations, torsional deflection, Mechanical vibration, Resonance, Thermo mechanics – actuators, force and response time, Fracture and thin film mechanics, material, physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical mechanical polishing (CMP)

UNIT III            ELECTRO STATIC DESIGN                                                                                     9
Electrostatics: basic theory, electro static instability, Surface tension, gap and finger pull up, Electro static actuators, Comb generators, gap closers,    rotary motors, inch worms, Electromagnetic actuators, bistable actuators.

UNIT IV           CIRCUIT AND SYSTEM ISSUES                                                                              9
Electronic interfaces, Feed back systems, Noise, Circuit and system issues,
Case  studies  Capacitive  accelerometer,  Peizo  electric  pressure  sensor,  Thermal  sensors, radiation sensors, mechanical sensors, bio-chemical  sensors Modeling of MEMS systems, CAD for MEMS.

UNIT V            INTRODUCTION TO OPTICAL AND RF MEMS                                                       9
Optical MEMS, system design basics – Gaussian optics, matrix operations, Resolution, Case studies, MEMS scanners and retinal scanning, display, Digital Micro mirror devices, RF Memes design basics, case study Capacitive RF MEMS switch, Performance issues.

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