EI2021 POWER PLANT INSTRUMENTATION Syllabus - EIE 7th Semester - Anna University

EI2021                                     POWER PLANT INSTRUMENTATION                                  L T P C
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The course is designed to familiarize the student with the functions and instrumentation available in a modern power generation plant.

i.          To provide an overview of different methods of power generation with a particular stress on thermal power generation.
ii.         To bring out the various measurements involved in power generation plants. iii.            To provide knowledge about the different types of devices used for analysis.
iv.        To inpart knowledge about the different types of controls and control loops.
v.         To familiarize the student with the methods of monitoring different parameters like speed, vibration of turbines and their control

UNIT I             OVERVIEW OF POWER GENERATION                                                                   9
Brief survey of methods of power generation hydro, thermal, nuclear, solar and wind power importance of instrumentation in power generation thermal power plants building blocks details of boiler processes UP&I diagram of boiler cogeneration.

UNIT II            MEASUREMENTS IN POWER PLANTS                                                                   9
Electrical measurements current, voltage, power, frequency, power factor etc. non electrical parameters flow of feed water, fuel, air and steam with correction factor for temperature steam pressure and steam temperature drum level measurement radiation detector – smoke density measurement dust monitor.

UNIT III           ANALYZERS IN POWER PLANTS                                                                           9
Flue gas oxygen analyser analysis of impurities in feed water and steam dissolved oxygen analyser chromatography PH meter fuel analyser – pollution monitoring instruments.

UNIT IV          CONTROL LOOPS IN BOILER                                                                                  9
Combustion control air/fuel ratio control furnace draft control drum level control main stem and reheat steam temperature control superheater control attemperator – deaerator control distributed control system in power plants interlocks in boiler operation.

UNIT V           TURBINE MONITORING AND CONTROL                                                             9
Speed, vibration, shell temperature monitoring and control steam pressure control lubricant oil temperature control – cooling system

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By Vinoth
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