EC2404 ELECTRONIC SYSTEM DESIGN LAB Syllabus 7th Semester ECE - Anna University

EC2404                        ELECTRONIC SYSTEM DESIGN LAB                          L  T  P C
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1.      Design of a 4-20 mA transmitter for a bridge type transducer.

Design the Instrumentation amplifier with the bridge type transducer (Thermistor or any resistance variation transducers) and convert the amplified voltage from the instrumentation amplifier to 4 20 mA current using op-amp. Plot the variation of the temperature Vs output current.

2.      Design of AC/DC voltage regulator using SCR

Design a phase controlled voltage regulator using full wave rectifier and SCR, vary the conduction angle and plot the output voltage.

3.      Design of process control timer

Design a sequential timer to switch on & off at least 3 relays in a particular sequence using timer IC.

4.     Design of AM / FM modulator / demodulator

Design AM signal using multiplier IC for the given carrier frequency and modulation index and demodulate the AM signal using envelope detector.Design FM signal using VCO IC NE566 for the given carrier frequency and demodulate the same using PLL NE

5.      Design of Wireless data modem.

Design a FSK modulator using 555/XR 2206 and convert it to sine wave using filter and transmit the same using IR LED and demodulate the same PLL NE 565/XR 2212.

6.        PCB layout design using CAD

Drawing the schematic of simple electronic circuit and design of PCB layout using CAD

7.         Microcontroller based systems design
Design of microcontroller based system for simple applications like security systems combination lock.

8.         DSP based system design
Design a DSP based system for echo cancellation, using TMS/ADSP DSP kit.

9.         Psuedo-random Sequence Generator

10.       Arithmetic Logic Unit Design

Note: Kits should not be used. Instead each experiment may be given as mini project.

By Vinoth
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